Friday, January 11, 2013

Third Trimester so far...

In the time that I've spent away from blogging, I've probably gone through another 7 weeks of pregnancy. That being said, I'm now one month into the last trimester- woohoo!!

I have learned quite a bit from books, mainly lots and lots of articles, and apps on my phone, what I'm supposed to expect or experience during pregnancy, and what constitutes "normal." 

Truth is, almost anything goes with pregnancy. So much of what we experience just varies from woman to woman, and most of it is unavoidable stuff that just... happens. 

For instance, I have mainly battled fatigue, sciatica discomfort, and Braxton Hicks contractions. The fatigue happens mostly on days when I don't have something planned, so I really think it's just an extreme version of boredom. If I wake up with a purpose, excitement, or a cup of coffee (2 cups/day is fine, not to worry), then I'm usually a happy camper. It helps much more if I shower right away in the morning and not try to go about my day with "day-old makeup" or yesterday's clothes, because just freshening up is rejuvenating enough. Thankfully, Justin has been really encouraging me to take this time while he's away to rest and enjoy the pregnancy as much as I can, without worrying about working. He liked to ask, "so when are you going to stop working?" as if I just wanted to. But now, I'm realizing that cutting back and really taking this time to be at home, with family, and friends, is helping me tremendously. 

My sciatica discomfort seems to be short-lived. I thought it was the beginning of something that could be chronic, but apparently I had either lifted something too heavy (totally believable) or sat on my booty too long and needed a good workout! Either way, I learned to stop trying to do so much at home, and to workout more, and the sciatica pains are gone. 

The Braxton Hicks contractions are simply an annoyance. They are mostly annoying because I've heard (and seen this happen to someone) that, if prolonged, they can actually put a woman into legitimate stages of labor. I know of a girl who went into labor at 32 weeks from having Braxton Hicks contractions for an extended period of time. Mine usually pop up if I eat too much and then move around, instead of sitting down and letting my food settle. It sounds silly, but that's the only time I notice my stomach feeling like a big rope has been tied around it and it's just tightening and tightening. My cheeks usually get flushed and I have to recline and breathe through them. They do not hurt at all, but they sure are annoying. 

As far as feeling my daughter move- she moves a ton! I feel fortunate enough that I haven't had to really shake my stomach or press on it to encourage her to move. After 28 weeks, doctors told me to count them twice a day, hoping for 10 movements felt within an hour. I usually feel 10 movements in about 2 minutes and I'm woken up by them in the mornings, and I feel her going crazy right as I lie down for bed. I hear that as she gets bigger, she'll just have less room and may seem less mobile, but then I can just poke and prod and hopefully agitate her to get moving and let me know all is okay in there :) 

I happen to have an anterior placenta, so for a long time, her movements weren't very strong for me, and I didn't quite feel her kicking as early as some moms. But, thankfully she's forceful enough these days that there's no question what she's doing in there! 

Other than that, I get a little heartburn when I eat the typical acidic, spicy foods, but TUMS are all I need to get through the discomfort. I feel a little heavy in the front, and I'm feeling more and more like there's a person in there, rather than just a bloated belly that's rounding out and just... cute. It's weight-gaining time for Anneliese, and I'm sure it'll be noticeable with every passing week. 

And finally, I have had the fortune of passing my glucose test and staying within the weight gain requirements for this pregnancy (according to the docs). I scored a 123 on the glucose test (my doc office sets the cutoff at >140) and I have gained a total of 16 pounds. I don't eat a ton, but that doesn't mean I don't get insane sugar cravings. I still love my salads, microwave steamed veggies, and chicken... but I love me some monkey bread, cinnamon toast, french toast, and basically anything with syrup. I feel like I overdo it so many days, but when I crave the other healthy items, I guess it creates a bit of balance. I've also started going back to the gym. Since I'm not working as often (almost not at all in the past few weeks), I figured I'm desperately needing to walk and stretch. I know that it's always recommended to walk it off and stretch, and throw in some yoga, but I was getting so much walking done at work, that I had been able to keep the weight down. But I have to say, nothing compares to getting a solid, purposeful workout at the gym- pregnant or not. 

Honestly, that sums up the last 7 weeks, and actually the whole second trimester, as well! I really cannot complain about my experiences, and if the delivery/birth goes well, I could be alright with being pregnant all the time (no barefoot-and-pregnant-with-a-kid-in-each-arm days in my future, though!). 

Soon, I'll have a post about my 3-D ultrasound experience, and other home projects- as they are never ending.

I'm 31 Weeks Today!

Pardon the delay in posts. I've got many, so they will just keep funneling through today and tomorrow, quite frankly, as they are long overdue. 

This pregnancy has flown by, with every ounce of energy going with it! Saying that I'm 31 weeks pregnant has a very out-of-body feeling to it. I remember taking my test and looking at Weezy, saying it was a waste of a good pregnancy test, only to look down and be in complete shock when I saw the digital screen display the word "pregnant" after a few moments. (See... it was a good test!) 

Since Thanksgiving, I would have to say my only poor experiences with pregnancy have been fatigue and sciatica pains. If I don't have something to really perk me up- a cup of coffee or big plans- I usually find myself eating breakfast and falling asleep on the couch shortly after. I have been upset in the past because it's a bummer to wake up and have missed the whole day, but all of that rest has kept me healthy and away from sickness. So, it's really all in how you look at it, I guess. 

I talk an awful lot about the home decorating, organizing, and endless project list that I have, but if you were to visit, you'd quickly notice most of the work must be done inside my head because I've made very little physical progress. Along with keeping busy and being social, I've discovered some really great ideas for our home, yet I don't manage my time wisely, so much of it is still in limbo. 

The office is the room that has served as a catch-all for the other rooms as I've dragged every item out of their prospective homes in an attempt to sort through them. The guest room is actually where I've slept for the past week due to the fact that the master bedroom is an utter disaster. I've piled all clean, unfolded laundry on top of the bed, miscellaneous items there (trying to organize, yet again), and it all gets jumbled even more when the dogs get excited and jump on the bed. It's just a mess. 

What I've accomplished in this past month and a half is the following: 

I've organized the pantry, as best as I can- sans labels. Everything has a home, expired items have been discarded, and I now know exactly what's missing/what needs to be purchased at the grocery store. That's a huge plus. I LOVE these baskets with handles because they make it so easy to just kind of pull them out like a drawer and reach what I need. 

I've selected the wall color, and painted the entire nursery- with the exception of trim work. 

I've painted and distressed the crib (with the exception of the feet), so it's that much closer to the look and feel of her room! This was Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint.

The kitchen has been literally ransacked of all the things that don't belong, including old pots and pans. It's about as organized as it'll ever be, just disregard all of the clutter on the peninsula (to the left of the sink). Those things are helping me give homes to items in junk drawers and the living room closet, however it's simply remaining an incomplete project. 

I also re-finished the furniture in the master bedroom. I actually did these first, due to the fact that I was new to refinishing furniture and these were in much worse shape, which meant that it'd be great practice before I tackled Ali's furniture. These are done in Annie Sloan's Chateau Grey. The lighting just doesn't do it justice, I promise. I'm in love with these colors.

In addition to the projects, I was able to have a wonderful Christmas with my work family, my family, my husband's family, and my sweet, crazy dogs at home. This was basically how I ushered in 2013- I went to my sister-in-law's place for the goodies (yummy!) and in the following days, I celebrated on the couch with my sweet dogs. They aren't easy to pose in 10 seconds, so timers on cameras don't quite help after all. 

I'm sure the theme of this post is "too many irons in the fire." Heck, I'll just say that's been the story of my life. If someone were to warn me that I'd be 31 weeks pregnant and feel like there was still so much to do, I wouldn't have believed them, due to the fact that I really thought my alone time with a hubby on deployment would have been beneficial to my productivity. But I've managed to still find lots of sleep and have a strong need for extra help when it comes to the house. I'm one big mess, I know. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I swear, for a "blogger," I'm not very disciplined. I'm working on it, though :) 

Aside from feeling like the earth spins on its axis way more quickly than a full 24 hours each rotation, life is pretty good. Thanksgiving wasn't too shabby, despite the fact that I've got this bundle of joy growing inside me, and no loving hubby to share it with right now. (I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just stating how I feel in a matter-of-fact kind of way). 

Well, my brother and I started a new tradition- at least I'd love to think it's a new tradition- of going to a particular restaurant the week of Thanksgiving to gorge on something other than casseroles and pies. This particular restaurant is a haven for shameless gluttony on some of the world's most unhealthy foods. It's actually been featured on Man vs Food but I'll let you figure out what menu item scored its place on the show ;) It's a lovely hole in the wall restaurant/bar called The Vortex. It's really a great place to take anyone who may be new to the area, or driving through, looking for a cool spot in the city to be with other Atlantans. 

Below is a pic of my brother and myself just as dinner was served!

Anyway, we had a great time just hanging out in the city, decompressing from day-to-day duties. 

On this day, I was 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I'm still chugging along and getting bigger each day, it seems. My sleep patterns have changed- I now wake up at 6 AM most days- and my back is feeling pretty weak due to the position of my stomach. The flutters in my lower abdomen have progressed to what feels like a tiny something rolling around in my stomach, right at my belly button! Sometimes it gives me a sinking stomach feeling, and other times I'm just taken aback by how much force this little girl already has!! I sure hope she keeps it up (although sometimes I could really use her activity during the day, and not as I'm trying to sleep, haha!). I'll take what I can get! 

This is what I looked like, pre-gorging. Unfortunately, I don't have an "after" pic, but there's a huge difference when I eat!

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick cap from this night while I had the energy... I've been doing dishes for over an hour, cleaned the dried up paint out of the sink in the downstairs 1/2 bath (finally) and emptied out waste baskets, along with lighting a lovely candle from Kirkland's! After a little bit of work today and coming home to clean, I'm pooped once again! I think it's time to call it a night. 

Until soon! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Progress in the Home

Oh goodness. Where to begin? 

I researched how women get that "nesting" bug in pregnancy, when it usually occurs, and what forms it usually takes. I learned a good bit! Apparently, if you're later in your pregnancy- like towards the tail end- "nesting" can actually be a sign that you are about to go into labor. (Part of me thinks this is silly, because if you're at the tail end of your pregnancy, that's enough of a sign you're about to go into labor). But all in all, women at any stage of pregnancy can be stricken with this nesting bug! And it can take many forms like cleaning baseboards and organizing, to an extreme of rearranging furniture and remodeling the home (or at least finding a need to). 

Well, my friends, I have the latter. I have never been more motivated to get this house in shape! I have been inspired to do so many things with it, and have accomplished a good bit in the past two weeks (thanks to family and friends!). 

As I mentioned in a much earlier post, we had ripped up our carpet and been living with concrete floors in our living room. It looked like we were in the middle of construction for 4 months, but prior to that, it looked worse because our carpets were so ragged and torn. So, we decided to get more wood floors in place of the carpet but agreed to take some time with picking everything out and paying for such a big project. I'm so happy to say that they are finally done!! 

Our awesome floors and sweet little Weezy Weez!

So, this is a picture of the foyer leading into the living room, with 2 different brands and colors of floors, matched as well as we could possibly match them (considering the floors in the foyer were discontinued). 

Because they don't jump out as being very different, fortunately, the space feels much larger and warmer than carpet and concrete! 

Another task has been painting. I had a painting party with a couple of friends, Mom, and my brother, and we accomplished quite a bit! But second coats are necessary and my mom is the bomb at trimming the walls with her steady hands, so we just take it week by week and when she gets in town she does trim so I can roll! 

This is just a snippet of the colors that are going into the foyer and living room. The foyer is a "Lyndhurst Timber" and the living room is a couple of shades lighter, called "Lyndhurst Beige." 

I went darker in the foyer because of the chair rails. I figured it's safe to be a little more dramatic there, and then lighten it up a couple of shades in the living room, since it's a much larger space! I look forward to completing the foyer with a few pictures (I don't know of what, just yet) and maybe a long console table to the left, centered on the wall. 

I just wanted to show a pic of the fireplace because the color of the walls kind of bounces off the fireplace better than in the other pictures. My next (surprisingly cheap!) project is to put up crown molding in the living room that matches the foyer. I have matched the trim paint at Lowe's and I'm just ready to make the living room look polished! I have no idea when that will be, but I'm so thankful that it's a really affordable project!

Ha! And this last pic just cracks me up. Mom visited last night and a good portion of today, with the intention of painting. What's funny is that she saw the condition of the windows- cobwebs, trapped flies, dust, hair- and she suggested we just clean for a bit. Hey, I'm not going to turn down help with cleaning, and I humbly admit, there are things I miss and/or just prioritize differently with my schedule. She cleaned and steamed floors, I did 2 loads of dishes, and then she did a bit of trim work while I helped sweep and dust. By the time she had to head home, I was bouncing off the walls, feeling so good about the house! It smelled so fresh, the dogs were super tired from playing outside, so I wasn't distracted by them. I just decided it was time to go through the fridge and take yet another humble look at the food that had gone bad, and the many poor fruits and veggies I didn't get to in time. I sure learned my lesson this week! 

After I took everything out, cleaned each shelf and drawer individually, and placed things in an orderly fashion, I just had a moment to my dorky self that I just really wanted to remember. So I grabbed the camera once more. 

Anyway, I could go on and on. This Monday, painting should be complete. This includes the kitchen, which I will take more photos of once it's finished! 

In addition to this week, I will be going through a lot of clothes and items in our bedroom and garage and donating them. I just want to get all of this crummy clutter out of the house before I'm too big to comfortably tackle this stuff, or simply before my daughter arrives and has her own belongings taking up space (which I have to admit, I'm more than happy to give up!). 

Anyone else feel the same as I do about getting the house completely ready for the future and all it brings? It's an overwhelming, lovely feeling. I could nest forever. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Where is the time going? And what am I doing with it?

Ahhhh, Sweet November. 

Wait, What?! It's November already?!

Yep... it is indeed. And I've gone way too long without posting on here. But, that's going to change. I've got more ideas and more energy to boot! So what's been happening since my last entry? Below is a list of my main schedule, and what keeps me so out of the loop these days: 

Working. I work between 4-5 days a week, unless I've requested time off for any particular reason. I really enjoy work right now, and as long as I feel good, don't push myself so hard that I get sick, and keep a level head (despite fluctuating hormones, and my overall forgetfulness), I'm going to keep working. However, because I work in a restaurant, it means that I give up nights of family dinners with my in-laws and weekends of pumpkin patches and yard-sales because those are our peak hours. Oh, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are work days, as well, but I feel like I work with another family, so all is good!

House work. It sounds silly as much as I talk about house work and the things that I do around here. Some days really are better than others in regards to how much I actually get done. (For instance: I can sweep, mop, dust, and clean the shower, but the dishes are still piling up, and the laundry still sits in a heaping pile at the bottom of my closet!). I have been picking out paint samples, putting them up on the walls and living with them, trying to see which ones I love. I've priced the cost of replacing baseboards for when the floors get replaced (tomorrow!!!), and I've looked at ways to make the bathrooms and bedrooms way more organized and efficient for future guests- especially guests who plan on helping me at the tail-end of this pregnancy and/or when Anneliese arrives. Not to mention, the regular upkeep of a 4 bedroom house with 2 1/2 baths is really overwhelming right now. I am getting really close to getting it all just as it should be, though. 

Socializing. Between grabbing lunch or dinner with friends, having friends over (only the good ones who don't mind my house in its condition, haha!), and even trying to tutor one day a week, I stay busy on my 2-3 days off each week! I try my best to put myself out there and just go out in town, even if it's by myself, just to run into people that I know, and make a connection each day. In 4 days, Justin will have been gone 2 months now. It's still going well on my end, but I have to say, it's only because I make plans. There's only so much you can watch on Hulu before you just break down and need a personal connection with another human. Oh! And some days Justin catches me on chat, and we talk for an hour or so. Everything stops when I see him online. If I had plans to wax my eyebrows before work, it goes down the drain :) I don't answer my phone or get out of bed. I just lay there and chat with him until he says he has to go. 

Doctor Visits. Okay, so this doesn't really take up much of my time. I just threw it in there because I happen to have 2 this month. The 20 week check-up went as well as it could have with what Anneliese would show us. But there were still some measurements that needed to be taken which simply weren't going to happen that day. So, I'm scheduled to go back on Nov. 8 to hopefully get the rest of them. Thankfully, I feel her moving really well this week, and by the way it feels, I am convinced she's doing somersaults 24/7. So I'm hoping we can get her to do a LOT more on the ultrasound this next Thursday! I was reassured by a friend that it's really common to have to come back for additional measurements, and my doc said nothing jumped out at him as abnormal, he just needed to see more. 

Pinning. I now admit that I have a Pinterest addiction. I have been using Pinterest for quite some time now, but I have just carelessly pinned outfits and decor that I really love as inspiration with no direction. Anneliese's arrival honestly gives me tons of direction! It may sound silly, but I know that lots of baby things will be taken care of by my mom, in-laws, friends, and family. I already have 7 boxes of beautiful clothes for her. I have no idea when she will have the time to wear all of it! So, I'm relaxed about her needs as of right now. I really think that I'll be happy to shop for her after the baby shower. That way, I can hunker down and really focus on getting things that were missed, just before she gets here. Plus, I still have a ton of ideas for her room, which are all just budding at the moment. So Pinterest has really helped me with other things, like making my own laundry detergent (in another post!), shower cleaner, wreaths, and all of those simple organizational tips that I'm now really interested in using! I've even been so excited, I've reorganized my boards. It's ridiculous. But it certainly helps me feel a little more squared away with future projects and getting things done before motherhood :) 

Anyway, I have many more topics I'd like to touch on, whether it's today or tomorrow, or whenever. Stay tuned for my cleaning recipes, updated floors (!!!), painted walls, and my review and experience with prenatal yoga :) 

Until Soon. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh So Tired!

Ok, I have spoken at length with people about just how tired I still am. I feel like I ride this roller coaster of ups and downs with regard to sleepiness. My ups consist of feeling like I have an average amount of energy on an average day. My downs literally consist of exhaustion to the point that I'm emotional about it. When I'm at work, I just want to sleep upright in my chair in the office for any given amount of time. I have to delay my paperwork until the beginning of my next day, simply because the end of the shift brings fuzziness and sleepiness with lots of emotions. Sometimes I'd love to complain, but overall, I know it's all for good reason! I'm so happy for the catalyst to my exhaustion (little Ali), but I sometimes wonder if I'll be gliding through the second trimester just as tired as I was in the first. 

Anyway, most days, I wake up with the help of Pinterest. I check my emails on my phone, check for Facebook messages from my husband (since that's his easiest way of communicating with me), and I browse Pinterest! For some reason, looking at those insane ways to clean things with half the effort, or some mother's home management organization binder, helps me gain enough motivation to get out of bed. 

Once I get out of bed, my teeth are lucky to be brushed right away. My hair is just thrown right back into a ponytail without brushing through the tangles. My face usually has day-old makeup because I went to bed too tired to take it off. And my clothes are covered in dog hair because they have replaced Justin in the cuddling-while-sleeping department. In other words- just you try to stop by my house before noon to check on me or say a quick hello. I will not come to the door- but it's not to avoid you. It's to prevent you from seeing me this way! 

I remember back in high school when I'd have such tedious attention to detail with organizing my belongings. I lost it sometime when I began to feel the all too familiar "senioritis" that so many of us experience as we get close to graduating. Since that time in my life, I have this repeat pattern of letting things build up in the house- laundry, dishes, dirty carpets- until one day I just have this huge burst of energy and I tackle it all until I'm totally and completely exhausted. I love to clean the baseboards, sweep and mop the floors, and scrub toilets, but only on the days when I've just had enough of the mess. After that, it just builds back up to an unbearable state, and I do it again. 

Well, the good thing about Justin being gone, is that I'm forced to confront this pattern, and I have to make (good) changes. The bad thing is, I never see the burst of energy where I get it clean in the first place, for me to begin practicing keeping it that way. So... it's just the dogs and myself, cooped up in my time off, together and not answering the door for fear of a stranger even seeing my raccoon eyes and hairy wardrobe! 

I guess this is where I need to suck it up and clean anyway. But I'd much rather be a two year old with a temper tantrum and say, "Nooooooo!!!!" ... at least that's the dialogue in my head. 

I sure hope this energy comes around. I feel like if I could just. wake. up. I'd be able to get through this messy home and get myself to a point where I could start fresh and reintroduce those good habits I used to keep to prove that I do value my belongings :) 

Until soon! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Experiences during Pregnancy

Every pregnancy varies from woman to woman, and if a woman has multiple pregnancies, they can also vary from one another, as well! Most ladies know this, especially if they've ever read an article or researched symptoms. It's pretty much stated everywhere. 

This is a cool fact, although it can be extremely annoying when you just want to relate to someone and know that anything and everything you may be going through is normal. 

In 2008, I had a miscarriage when I was between 5 and 6 weeks pregnant. From then on, I have probably had about 3 pregnancy "scares" each year up until now. And by "scares," I simply mean the pregnancy would have been unexpected and surprising! :) 

Ironically, in contrast to my opening statement, my pregnancy has been pretty darn typical! I downloaded the What to Expect app for the iPhone, and also the BabyCenter app, and they provide daily tips and insight to what I may be going through at the time. I also get emails and updates on online articles as well. It's been great reading along day by day, as a supplement to my books, just to know what to expect (go figure) and how to handle situations as they arise. 

My first 6 weeks consisted of nothingness. I thought I had taken a faulty test, so I kind of hoped for a little nausea to make the news more real! Ha! Well, I got it! I threw up about once a day, had aversions to everything except potatoes- starches of all kinds, really- and I felt emotional at my disconnect from food. I had no idea it'd make me so sad that I could crave something, only to eat it and find out it was going to be upchucked in minutes. It really is true- you're super lucky if you don't experience nausea, which about 25% of women are blessed enough to say! ... Oh, and I surely can't forget to mention how Justin loved to stand over me and giggle every time I hugged the porcelain throne. I know it just made the pregnancy a reality to him, and thus, the giggling ensued. But I used to have snot, watery eyes, and pretty hardcore burn in my throat as I'd fuss at him to stop laughing and get me a cold towel! 

As time went on, I mainly experienced bloating, gas, fatigue, and  nausea. So typical. I felt like a wuss, leaving work early from vomiting, or just feeling like I couldn't keep my eyes open. Financially, it wasn't great for us for me to be giving up shifts, but I really just felt like crap, 24/7. 

My baby bump (or should I say, Food Baby) showed up around 8 weeks. It truly was mostly due to gas, but I have always had a stomach that has concentrated gas and weight in my lower areas. So, it's almost like it stretches out easily anyway, haha! So, I quickly became uncomfortable in my jeans and felt like a whale most days, and I rushed off to get maternity jeans way early in the trimester. I even had the thought of how sad it would be if I miscarried again, only to have invested in some clothes so early on. It felt foolish, to tell you the truth. 

The second trimester came- some people define it as starting after your 12th week, and some say it starts at week 14. Either way, I definitely felt relief from nausea at that time, and fell in love with food again! I loved tastings at work, smelling food being cooked, and I looked forward to my meals! I was able to eat more veggies and food with more flavor, and it was just an eye opener as to how much I couldn't have in the weeks prior. 

Today marks 17 Weeks 0 Days! I'm feeling small flutters in my stomach at night when I lay down and all is quiet, and I am slowly getting my energy back. It has been a roller coaster of good days and bad days when it comes to my energy, but I think a lot of it is determined by how much I look forward to doing in a day. Being alone makes it easy to be a sloth and watch Hulu all day. There's no one to come around and judge. If I don't make plans to work or be with friends, I usually find myself in a rut unless I am just super motivated by a particular task (such as putting together the kitchen table/island/counter that I mentioned in my Home Improvement(s) post!). 

My ultimate goal in this time alone, is to not only get the house so cleaned, organized, and decorated, but to find my way in my kitchen. I work at a restaurant that makes wonderful home-style food, and it's so good, that 4 days out of the week, I'm fed! I don't worry about doing more than making cold smoothies at home or throwing together salads and sandwiches. So, my cooking skills have not been put to use in quite some time, and I feel as though it's something I want to change. I'd like to have some staples for our family as Ali grows, and for them to be healthy and relatively timely to make. I'm hoping that Pinterest can help me in this area, and I know that is pretty great with that, too. I just don't have that discipline when I work 4 days out of the week, eating well. I don't seem to mind sandwiches on the other days :) 

Anyway, as I am now about a month into the second trimester, I now have slightly more energy and have no excuse not to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle that consists of more exercise and healthy eating habits. I want to treat my body and baby well for the rest of this 23 weeks, and now, I have ample opportunities! 

If anyone has suggestions for great recipes- pregnant friendly and/or family friendly- just chime in! I'm all ears! 

Until Soon!!