Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm 31 Weeks Today!

Pardon the delay in posts. I've got many, so they will just keep funneling through today and tomorrow, quite frankly, as they are long overdue. 

This pregnancy has flown by, with every ounce of energy going with it! Saying that I'm 31 weeks pregnant has a very out-of-body feeling to it. I remember taking my test and looking at Weezy, saying it was a waste of a good pregnancy test, only to look down and be in complete shock when I saw the digital screen display the word "pregnant" after a few moments. (See... it was a good test!) 

Since Thanksgiving, I would have to say my only poor experiences with pregnancy have been fatigue and sciatica pains. If I don't have something to really perk me up- a cup of coffee or big plans- I usually find myself eating breakfast and falling asleep on the couch shortly after. I have been upset in the past because it's a bummer to wake up and have missed the whole day, but all of that rest has kept me healthy and away from sickness. So, it's really all in how you look at it, I guess. 

I talk an awful lot about the home decorating, organizing, and endless project list that I have, but if you were to visit, you'd quickly notice most of the work must be done inside my head because I've made very little physical progress. Along with keeping busy and being social, I've discovered some really great ideas for our home, yet I don't manage my time wisely, so much of it is still in limbo. 

The office is the room that has served as a catch-all for the other rooms as I've dragged every item out of their prospective homes in an attempt to sort through them. The guest room is actually where I've slept for the past week due to the fact that the master bedroom is an utter disaster. I've piled all clean, unfolded laundry on top of the bed, miscellaneous items there (trying to organize, yet again), and it all gets jumbled even more when the dogs get excited and jump on the bed. It's just a mess. 

What I've accomplished in this past month and a half is the following: 

I've organized the pantry, as best as I can- sans labels. Everything has a home, expired items have been discarded, and I now know exactly what's missing/what needs to be purchased at the grocery store. That's a huge plus. I LOVE these baskets with handles because they make it so easy to just kind of pull them out like a drawer and reach what I need. 

I've selected the wall color, and painted the entire nursery- with the exception of trim work. 

I've painted and distressed the crib (with the exception of the feet), so it's that much closer to the look and feel of her room! This was Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint.

The kitchen has been literally ransacked of all the things that don't belong, including old pots and pans. It's about as organized as it'll ever be, just disregard all of the clutter on the peninsula (to the left of the sink). Those things are helping me give homes to items in junk drawers and the living room closet, however it's simply remaining an incomplete project. 

I also re-finished the furniture in the master bedroom. I actually did these first, due to the fact that I was new to refinishing furniture and these were in much worse shape, which meant that it'd be great practice before I tackled Ali's furniture. These are done in Annie Sloan's Chateau Grey. The lighting just doesn't do it justice, I promise. I'm in love with these colors.

In addition to the projects, I was able to have a wonderful Christmas with my work family, my family, my husband's family, and my sweet, crazy dogs at home. This was basically how I ushered in 2013- I went to my sister-in-law's place for the goodies (yummy!) and in the following days, I celebrated on the couch with my sweet dogs. They aren't easy to pose in 10 seconds, so timers on cameras don't quite help after all. 

I'm sure the theme of this post is "too many irons in the fire." Heck, I'll just say that's been the story of my life. If someone were to warn me that I'd be 31 weeks pregnant and feel like there was still so much to do, I wouldn't have believed them, due to the fact that I really thought my alone time with a hubby on deployment would have been beneficial to my productivity. But I've managed to still find lots of sleep and have a strong need for extra help when it comes to the house. I'm one big mess, I know. 

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