Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Travel

Tomorrow, I'm going to see my hubs for the last time before he officially leaves. We had a talk about what we can disclose online, or really, to anyone. Unfortunately for friends and family, I can't give specifics because it jeopardizes his job if I do. I don't want to even explain that part, but given the nature of what he'll be doing and where he's going, I think it's clear why I can't divulge. 

My grandparents are coming in town to stay in Serenbe this week! I will unfortunately miss the first day they are in town, but I'm hoping to catch up with them when I get back from seeing Justin. I'm definitely hoping in the near future I can take a quick trip to Florida to see them in my own time, now that things will be quite lonely here. 

Anyway, things at home are getting better. I feel very unmotivated to clean and organize, but knowing that my brother will take care of the animals and house sit while I'm gone gets me off my butt. Today has been an errand-running kind of day, with laundry, dishes, and organizing the office as my tasks. I am working a conference later this evening, so I can't put off all of these responsibilities until later like I always do. It'll be a good thing :) 

I'll be flying stand-by tomorrow and Thursday morning, so I hope and pray that I get on the first flights out. It's such an impromptu trip that I'm nervous about directions from the airport to the hotel, and getting an available rental car and having things go smoothly back here. I'm already an anxious mama! 

I know this post is boring. I'm sure that when I'm waiting in the hotel for Justin to get off work and be able to visit, I'll have much more interesting things to write about. I have many ideas for future blog posts, but for now, I have my priorities to get through first! Blah!


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