Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm not the most articulate person in the world, nor can I consider myself "well-read." I'm just someone who likes to analyze thoughts, stories, quotes, and abstract areas of my life and write it out to make sense of it all. I really hope that this blog will be reserved for the deeper, more meaningful moments in my life, rather than the superficial day-to-day updates my other (deleted) blog had become.

There are "Aha!" moments in my life where I truly wish I had written them down to share with the world, but also to remind myself when occasions call for pick-me-ups and deeper meanings. I can't dwell on what I haven't logged in for myself and others, but I can make a decision to change it from this day forward.

I want this to be a site of interpretation. When I read, sit alone on shoals in the middle of a creek, take a long walk in the woods, or just get lost in thought while sitting on my couch, I don't want those thoughts, ideas, expressions, to all end there. I want to bring them forth, research to feed my curiosity, and then get feedback from anyone who cares to share their perspectives. I just don't want my world to be closed to the great ideas of others who have walked different paths.

So, as a promise to myself to be a more well-rounded, thought-provoked, educated and knowledgeable human being, I'm going to give this blog whatever I've got.

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